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Mobile phones have revolutionized the way business are thinking and customer expectations in a product or service. According to the GigaOmPro Workplace survey report, mobile phone usage in businesses has increased by about 38% as compared to last year. The forecast says this number would go up by an additional 4% in the upcoming business year.
In the case of service-oriented organizations, the business success is directly linked to the operational efficiency and how conveniently customers avail the services. Introducing technology in business is helping organizations getting closer to customer expectations!!

To tackle the important issue of increasing customer dissatisfaction; an effective practical approach is by controlling customer’s expectation by proper communication and bringing more transparency in your operations.

You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” ― Warren Buffett

It is also important to streamline the process to improve efficiencies thereby giving a better service for your customers.
Vtrio’s WorkForce Management App is one such solution for managing your Workforce and streamline your Service requests effectively.The mobile application is easy to use plug-In, to your existing ERP system that gives live updates of your company workforce and to gain leverage on you end-to-end WorkForce Management system. The solution can improve the overall WorkForce Productivity by 59% and save about 29% of your Cost.

Workforce Management App


The WorkForce Management App sends information such as Delivery Request, Location, and Customer from the mobile phone to the Customer ERP system. The Customer ERP system generates a Token number to keep track of the service request or an order. The tokens are assigned to the service or admin personnel according to the nature of the request. During the Token Execution phase, the details of the Delivery or Service are recorded along with the Feedback. Once the task is complete, the Token Closure happens in the WorkForce Management App after requisite verification.

Workforce Management App1
At any point in time between the placing of an order to the delivery, the customer can track the status of the order or feedback. Such method of tracking the orders also supervises the team working on the order execution enabling businesses to make informed decisions on the delivery Workforce’s performance.
If you wish to learn more about WorkForce supervision, tracking orders, Service improvement and thereby retain more customers than the past year Contact Vtrio Solutions Pvt Ltd or drop  us a mail info@vtrio.com

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