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CPS LLC, a fast-growing web-oriented businesses group in the niche personalization industry was facing issues related to inventory management and shipping processes; which was affecting their smooth functioning. Another challenge problem faced by the client was fraudulent sales which was upsetting the business.

Websites under CPS LLC: - - - - The Vtrio team identified and fixed inventory management issues, crucial security breach and support to get the site back up to speed.


Vtrio developed an eCommerce solution which categorized the product systematically and streamlined the process:

Some of other key features developed for the client were:

  • User friendly and easy registration process
  • Integration of promotional offers such as coupon and purchase discounts.
  • Automatic adjustments of prices on applying coupon codes.
  • Advanced search option, which enables customers to search products using product name, description.
  • Search autosuggestion and spelling correction based on store keywords.
  • Product and price comparisons
  • Easy to share via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites
  • Responsive display
  • Quick and easy Catalog filtering option
  • Site linking that allows customers to showcase their products in other popular e-commerce sites like Walmart and HSN.

Technology Stack.

Magento | MySQL | PHP | Apache Web Server | HTML/CSS | JavaScript