19th Anniversary

On September 27,
we celebrate our anniversary.

Today, 19 years ago, we started!

Do you remember your first day at work? Vtrio started with founders working from a house at Elamkulam, Kochi. It was a time when there were hardly any IT companies in the city. There was no Infopark. Later we built and moved to an office space in Vytila, Kochi. Today we are at Infopark Kochi, we acquired

7 companies, 12 brands.

Right from the start we have been customer focused. We delighted our customers with our hard work, dedication, focus and keeping abreast with technologies. There are people here right now, who worked with Vtrio from the beginning. However, they have changed, they have learned and mastered the volatile IT industry. That kept us going. When we look back, our legacy is filled with pride with many solutions, innovations and launches.

The founders of the organization had a vision to build a fun filled work environment. I am amazed to see the casual, but at the same time serious loom when it comes to work. People at Vtrio trust the company. Trust is visible in all managers, in all positions, at every level, which in turn paves the path of collaboration and teamwork. I urge all the people to stay happy and continue the good work. Vtrio is not all about customers, it's about our people too. There are close to

50 happy souls

working for the entire group.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue the journey with you. Your effort, support and belief will help us climb many levels; I am sure. On this day, I want to

thank you

for all being with us and making us what we are. Let's continue the good work, grow and emerge stronger together!
Happy Anniversary!

Best Regards
Noble Joshy, CEO.
On 27 September 2023