Mobilize your Businesses

Mobile revolution has transformed our world, what was once a time consuming task can now be done with the touch of a single finger, thanks to mobile applications.

Whether you need an application to leverage the benefits of your website, or you need an application to help the User access your products or services on the go, anytime, anywhere, mobile application is one of the must have direct marketing tools for your business.

Vtrio provides customized mobile application development services that can be completely in line with your company's marketing strategy. From strategizing, to development to maintenance we partner with our customers to add more value to their businesses via Mobile applications.

Top reasons for recommending mobile applications, for the businesses:

  • Products are constantly on the Customer's radar
  • Accelerates the company's brand building exercise
  • A direct and non-intrusive way to engage with Customers
  • Faster feedback and resolution cycles

While the advantages are many, choosing the right kind of Mobile applications for your Products/Services is more important. Native or Hybrid? iPhone or Android or Cross platform? Choices are many and the decision must be taken after due consideration of the Cost, Portability and Usability factors. Our consultants at Vtrio can help you with the strategy best suited for your business.

mobile development services

Our Mobile application development services include building:

Native applications

We have experience developing applications on various SDKs such as iPhone/iTouch, Android, Symbian, Blackberry/RIM and Winmobile.

  • iPhone Application

    Our developers use Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and Cocoa API (Application Programming Interface) for building the apps.

    We ensure that our iPhone applications are in strict adherence to the Apple store's App Review guidelines as well as the Design Interface guidelines, thus facilitating a hassle-free process of bringing your application live.

  • Android Application

    Our developers have expertise in building Android applications on Android SDK using Eclipse, Android Studio.

Hybrid applications

If you want applications that can be accessed across all mobile platforms, then Hybrid applications are the way to go. We develop Hybrid applications that work on Android, iPhone etc. using PhoneGap or Titanium, depending on the use case.

We strive to develop applications that compounds value due to its portability, while retaining the performance and looks of a native application.

Internet of Things(IoT) applications

We develop IoT applications that can help collect information from machines/devices and send it to your website or device for analysis and reporting. With more things getting connected via internet the scope for data collection and analysis is limitless, so are the opportunities for the growth of businesses using such analyses. Vtrio can help strategize, develop, and maintain your IoT applications, thus virtually automating the process for you.

the vtrioadvantage

  • Robust, Economical and Easy-to-Use applications
  • Dedicated, Experienced and Professional Team
  • 24/7 Customer support and online live chat support
  • Scalable end-to-end application development and Management solutions
  • Customized Solutions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technology Expertise