franklin's friends of ten
Case Study


'Sensational Student' an EduTech startup with a mission to improve the knowledge in students by empowering children, parents, and teachers to discover their full potential using play- way method. Franklin’s Friends of Ten is an educational mobile application which helps students learn while introducing essential analytical thinking in an encouraging and rewarding way!

When the client approached Vtrio they had issues related to unstable designs, poor quality of animations and they want to make the application better compatible on 1st and 2nd generation iPads.


Vtrio assisted the client in making the concept more user-friendly with better choices of designs and improved animation.

  • Engaging visual animations and original music to celebrate a successful game attempt
  • Enabled Social media share of game completion certificates with friends and family online
  • Parent gate protection to make the App 'Child safe' every time the App links away from the application.
  • Improved the number of downloads of the App
  • Pronounced the App as the best tool to realize student potential by the teachers and parents
  • Gained wide-spread recognition in schools as it helps teachers bring out the best potential in their students

Technology Stack.

XCode | Objective C