variety insightcase study

A study on the Web solution provided by Vtrio.


Vtrio provided a web solution to optimize Variety Insight's website.

Variety Insight provides data solutions for the entertainment industry. They provide accurate data on the people, projects, and companies that work in the entertainment business.

The responsiveness and accessibility of the website were optimized. Also, additional features such as Sphinx search, Advanced film or TV or Digital search have been provided by Vtrio's solution.

client profile

Variety Insight is a US based entertainment data solution provider. They provide verified, timely, and accurate information about people, projects, and companies working in the global entertainment business. Variety Insight enables your organization to take informed business decisions based on the available up-to-date information.


The Customer was looking for a web solution that could optimize the speed of their website and handle millions of data that hit their database on a daily basis. They also required a quick search option for the website users.


The existing website had the following problems:

  • The website was very slow, and there were issues in handling the data load which was close to millions of data per day.
  • Handling different types of alerts.
  • Displaying different organizational charts.
  • Creating APIs for various Clients.


Vtrio developed a web solution that included the following features and more:

  • Stripe payment gateway for the US and International Users
  • Optimized website to handle millions of data updates per day
  • Quick search options facility
  • Flexible alerts system facility
  • Provision to gather data using different third party APIs
  • Provision to create APIs for the customers.
  • Advanced Film/TV/Digital search options

business benefits

  • One of the major benefits of Vtrio's solution is the availability of information for the Users when they need it. Being a leading website in the entertainment industry, finding data at the appropriate time is necessary for success, and this application is a step towards achieving that.

technology stack

Vtrio used the following technology stack in the solution:

  • CodeIgniter
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache Web Server
  • HTML 5/CSS and Jquery


The web solution includes:

  • Implementation of the Sphinx quick search option to equip the User with an easy way to get the required information.
  • Integration of Stripe payment gateway API for the US and International Users.
  • Integration with third party APIs to get information from different data sources.